YEPZ, providing services in key sectors
an internet of leading brands
is the platform.

Get to know us

YEPZ focuses on providing innovative and customer-oriented solutions with websites and startups in various industries. Currently with six different websites at the same time in the digital market, YEPZ benefits from cross-industry synergies and appeals to a wider customer base. This makes YEPZ a more reliable and strong roof company with the following advantages.

Our Quality Policy

In order to be a leading company in the IT software sector in terms of quality concept; We undertake to apply quality standards in all our production and service stages, to continuously improve our quality performance and to ensure compliance with the relevant legal regulations.

Our main policy is to deliver the products in accordance with the demands of our customers quickly, without interruption and on time during the project, to ensure continuous customer satisfaction, to increase the satisfaction of employees and to provide continuous training to improve quality awareness, to increase the continuous effectiveness of the management system.

YEPZ's Innovative World


With multiple websites and initiatives, YEPZ spreads risks across different industries and mitigates a downturn in any industry.

Shared resources and expertise

YEPZ provides cost savings and increased efficiency by allocating technology, marketing and other resources among its brands.

Cross promotion opportunities

YEPZ potentially increases customer acquisition and retention rates by promoting its various brands and initiatives to customers of other startups.

Broader customer base

YEPZ appeals to a wide range of sectors, benefiting from different customer segments and meeting their various needs.

What about our customers?

Serving different sectors can also bring various opportunities and benefits to YEPZ's customers. YEPZ has the ability to create synergies between its sub-brands and offer unique value propositions to its customers by appealing to various sectors. Here are some of the potential benefits for our customers:

Integrated services

YEPZ leverages its expertise in different industries to develop innovative solutions that meet multiple customer needs, simplify processes and improve customer experience.

Loyalty programs

Our customers can benefit from combined loyalty programs that reward them for interacting with various brands, encourage repeat business and develop long-term customer relationships within YEPZ.

Advanced customer insights

By serving different sectors, YEPZ gains a deeper understanding of its customers' needs, preferences and behaviors. And this paves the way for more personalized and targeted offerings across our brands.

Cross-industry innovation

Thanks to the insights we gain from providing services across multiple industries, we are able to identify and capitalize on trends by providing our customers with cutting-edge products and services.


Choose YEPZ and its brands for a unique customer experience driven by a commitment to innovation, quality and satisfaction.

By partnering with YEPZ and its initiatives, you can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving world. You gain access to a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our commitment to excellence and exceptional service across all industries sets us apart. In this respect, YEPZ is the ideal choice for discerning customers seeking superior products and services that will enrich their lives.